Miyome Multi Eepair Essence

Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence 多功能晚霜

Best night cream for pimple & acne skin. It works the night shift when skin is most receptive to renewal. Effectively re-balance skin sebum secretion & properly moisturize oily and dry areas.

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Weight: 5ml
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Product Description

Miyomes Multi Repair Essence effectively re-balance our skin sebum secretion, intensively tackle skin dryness and skin acne problem because oily and dry areas are properly moisturized.

Miyomes Multi Repair Essence optimize the ability of our skin in capturing essential nutrients, replenish our skin and give us a healthier and younger complexion.

It is made by 100% herbal formulation. No acidic ingredients.

What are the effects of using Miyomes Multi Repair Essence?

  • Remove pimples, acne, blackhead
  • Minimize big pores
  • Whitening effect
  • Balancing oil secretion
  • Remove skin residue (outer layer)
  • Lighten pigmentation, sweat stain
  • Improve skin complexion
  • Maintain skin moisture

Main Ingredients

Lactic Acid
Maintains skin moisture, rejuvenates and protects skin. Gently removes built-up layers of dead skin, stimulate skin cells regeneration.

Aids in trapping & maintaining the moisture balance of the skin epidermis,  tighten skin improving firmness, protects skin against harmful bacteria, leaving it soft, smooth and natural.

Strengthen skin cells, promote cells renewal, dissolve keratin, instant maintenance hydration condition, prevents fungus infection, healing wound and skin ulcer, stimulates skin growth of health butcher.

Aloe Vera
Maintain skin moisture, protection, tighten skin, urges the butcher generation, reduce anti-oxidant & aging skin, healing wound, improving water-bounding function, repairs damaged skin cells, sterilization & kills bacteria, strengthening anti-oxidant & allergies. Control and balance the excessive oil. whitening effect.

Effectively improves skin complexion. Strengthens the skin anti-sensitive function & prevents sensitive skins.

Suitable Skin Type

For all skin type.  All ages.


  1. Use once a day at night.
  2. After washing face, do not apply any skin care product on the face.
  3. Apply an adequate amount of Miyome Multi Repair Essence directly onto the face
  4. Gently flapping around face, neck, pimples area for best result.

More about Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence

Why Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence can give noticeable effect within a short period?
It is specially formulated from natural plants extract. Its stimulant-free ingredient without any chemical additive is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin. It effectively rebalances the skin pH and maintains the skin at the low acidic condition. The skin can only achieve the optimum performance in absorbing the essential nutrients during a low acidic condition. Also, at this moment, the skin is at its best protective ability, maintaining the optimum elasticity, gloss and hydration.

Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence has a pH value at 5.4, which is low acidic and nearest to the normal skin pH. Therefore, it maintains skin pH and enables the skin to always achieve its optimum performance. More nutrients are absorbed and water loss is controlled perfectly, hence, skin problems will be reduced.

Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence makes your skin healthy by maintaining the pH at the right condition, improving the skin’s ability in absorbing nutrients while strengthen the skin immune system. It completely seeps into the skin cell for the optimum effect. This is why Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence always gives positive effect on any skin type within short period.

Will there be any side effect after stop using Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence?
It is totally free from side effect as all the ingredients are natural extracts. Its specific function is to regulate the imbalance condition of the skin for a healthier complexion. Therefore, it does not cause your skin to become worse than before when you stop applying it. In fact, skin get worse due to the discontinued tender care and skin rebalance after exposure to the harmful pollutants and stimulants. Pursuing an eternal beauty seems to be women’s life long career. In order to gain the success, women should at any time not to forget about skin rebalance and tender care.

How does Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence work?
The natural ingredients in Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence will get rid of toxic residue underneath skin epidermis, and repair damaged skin cells by replenishing them with its special ingredients. Thus it invigorates skin texture into a healthy, growing and radiant complexion. In the skin repairing process, skin may go through some of the this condition:

  • Skin itchiness- The phenomenon of skin metabolism. The deep cleansing is in process.
  • Pimples- When removes toxic dirt from epidermis layer, it may cause some pimples growing on the face. Not to worry, as skin will return to soft and supple condition later.
  • Too oily or too dry- Skin sebum secretion re-balancing is in progress. Initially, skin will become too oily/dry, this is to prepare skin for the next process, which is the absorption of quality ingredients from the cream.

Why you should use a night cream?
It’s proven that the skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients peaks at night and skin loses more essential moisture at night – that’s why you should help your skin restore itself by applying a night cream that will allow your skin to absorb more nourishing, moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients. Due to the active ingredients these creams contain, they not only nourish and condition the skin, but they also repair damage caused by free radicals, makeup, air pollution, sun’s rays.



Miyome’s 多功能晚霜能有效改善肤质,平衡油脂分泌,让肌肤正常化,让您摆脱暗疮或肌肤干燥的烦恼。 Miyome’s 多功能晚霜是采用多样益于肌肤的植物性天然萃取精華成份精制而成,能针对油性肌肤、老化或干粗糙肌肤所带来的问题提供全方位调理机制,预防及修复问题皮肤。它能渗透真皮内层,排除毒素,留下空间让新细胞取而代之。这项重建疗程能让皮肤 变得健康,活化光彩,让你的肌肤成为众人的焦点。

含有 100%草本配方。绝无酸性物。


  • 调整肌肤PH值
  • 调整肌肤油脂分泌
  • 深入肌肤细胞发挥彻底美白
  • 修复发炎受损的细胞,恢复肌肤细胞正常的再生
  • 有效控制黑头及暗疮的滋长
  • 加强皮肤光泽和水分
  • 加强皮肤抗敏功能
  • 轻微去角质,保持和增强皮肤吸收能力
  • 促進細胞再生
Miyome Night Cream
Miyome’s Multi Repair Essence (多功能晚霜) 5ml





滋润、鎮定,保护,紧实皮肤,促使细胞代谢,防止老化,減少皱纹,收敛、促进伤口愈合、增強肌肤饱水功能,修护受损的肌肤,消炎及杀菌,降低敏感或红肿. 能有效控制及平衡油脂分泌,并具有美白功效。









  1. 于睡觉前,洗净脸后,不须使用化妆水或任何保养品,擦上多 Miyome’s 多功能晚霜后,轻轻拍打,效果更加。
  2. 使用部位脸上,颈项,有痘痘或想美白的部位。

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